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Bensiini 3, Tallinn (parking)
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Installation of door closers
Comfort Safety Reliability

Enhance your comfort and car’s safety with soft closers

Add comfort to your everyday life using the car with the help of soft closers

We will install soft closers on your luxury car in 1 workday

Closers gently and quietly close the doors for you

Installation of soft closers for car doors, trunk lid/door, and automatic opening and closing systems for the trunk lid/door
Thanks to soft closers, the door closes by itself – you just need to give it a gentle push. There’s no need to close the doors for passengers anymore. Soft closers not only enhance your comfort and reduce the deterioration of door locks but also minimize the risk of deterioration of door frames

We procure high-quality soft closers from a reliable supplier, ensuring that they are on par with the originals

The device withstands over 30,000 operational cycles, equivalent to approximately 8-10 years of intensive use
You get into the car and gently partially close the door until it makes contact with the door frame, and the soft closer finishes closing it for you until it’s completely closed
Passengers will no longer slam the doors and damage the car; a gentle lock click instead of slamming will impress anyone

The soft closers will help you if you:

Are tired of checking if all the doors are securely closed
Want to enhance the appeal of your car in the market
Are tired of hearing loud door slams
Desire to have the latest automobile technologies
Are concerned about the safety of children in the backseat

No external alterations after installation

During the installation of soft closers, we won’t drill or cut anything. We install all components in the factory-designated locations provided by the manufacturer

Installment stages:

Door disassembly
Removal of the original lock
Installation of a new lock with a door closer system in the factory location
Door assembly
Installation time
We install soft closers within 1 working day. Your car is parked in our covered and secured parking area before and after the service. You can pick it up at your convenience

Your safety and comfort are our top priorities

That’s why our customers consider us the best
Service for people
For 8 years, we have been doing our job excellently and understanding our customers’ questions and problems
Fast work
We understand the value of your time and work quickly while maintaining the necessary quality
Secured Parking
We have a closed and secured parking area – you can bring your car earlier or pick it up later
1-year warranty for the soft closer installation service – we take full responsibility for our work
Seeking Innovations
We constantly test new solutions to ensure your car gets the protection it deserves
In the City Center
Located in the heart of the city at Bensiini 3, Tallinn (parking)
Full Insurance
In case of accidental damage to your car, the insurance company covers all expenses

This’s what some car owners,
to whom we’ve installed soft closers, say

‘’Now it’s really easy for me to close the doors on my BMW‘’
‘’I’m no longer afraid of accidentally hitting the neighboring car with my door‘’
‘’I bought the top-of-the-line Mercedes, but it didn’t come with door closers from the factory. I came to RAYTH, and within a few hours, I left with door closers‘’
‘’My Range Rover didn’t come with door closers from the factory, so I decided from the start that I would have them installed at RAYTH. They are conveniently located in the city center and do the job quickly. The best in the Baltics‘’
‘’I’ve been going to RAYTH for a long time, and there was no doubt in my mind that I should have door closers installed by them. They completed the work within a day, and by the evening, I had my car back. I like that after RAYTH’s work, my car always feels like new!‘’
‘’Finally, my wife and daughter no longer slam the doors! At RAYTH, they assured me that the energy consumption of my electric car wouldn’t increase due to the door closers. A couple of months later, I was convinced of this‘’


We would be happy to tell you the price and answer your questions – call us at (+372) 57 877 660 or leave a request for a callback.
The car warranty will not be voided because the entire installation takes place in factory locations. We do not drill or cut anything.
Yes, it’s possible. A door closer can be installed on the front, and rear doors, as well as on the trunk.
Yes, they can. Door closers are installed in place of the factory’s original lock, and additionally, a motor is also installed in the factory location.
Yes, we install door closers on the trunk and the system for opening and closing the trunk door.
No, it won’t. The design of the door closers is very straightforward and relies on factory locks. Therefore, there is minimal intervention in the car’s structure. We do not drill, cut, or modify internal mechanisms and the external appearance. Your car will become even more comfortable and safe thanks to the door closers, which will increase its attractiveness in case of sale.
The door closer mechanism is installed inside the door in place of the original lock, ensuring the preservation of its external appearance. Installing a door closer does not require modifications to nodes or mechanisms.
There won’t be any errors. We will carefully check all the electronics to ensure this. If necessary, we will perform a complete diagnostic of the car.

We are located in the city center

Attention! Advance booking is required for the installation of door closers
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